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Today, Intelligent Space is much more than the one-stop Office Finder we used to be.

Additional services, ITS New Office Assistant Service, introducing and connecting you with professionals in areas such as interior decoration, office furniture supply, relocation services, accounting consultants, company registration, IT system work, etc. to make moving into your new office this time, the smoothest office moving experience.

Questions about the ITS New Office Assistant Service:

  1. What kind of services can be recommended?
    • Interior Designer (Turnkey) / interior designer with construction services and control the construction work according to the drawings
    • Office Furniture Manufacturer / Office Furniture (Manufacturer price)
    • Accounting / tax / registration Consultant / Accounting Consultant / Business Tax / Company Registration
    • IT Solution / IT system service provider
    • Web design & Development / Service providers to create corporate websites
  2. If interested, how can I get this service?
  3. Our team is always ready to serve you. Through the phone number on the website number 0935964165, you can inform our staff directly. Or you can inform your request by filling out the form on the Contact Us / Inquiry page, fill out your name and contact information along with providing information on the needs of searching for the office. At the last step, before you click on the "Submit" button to submit information, there will be a tick box for you to select the services you are interested in.

  4. Charge?
  5. ITS New Office Assistance is free. No cost. We have initiated this service to help our customers. It has access to quality service providers and makes the customer's office relocation experience smoother and less complicated. We have no need to profit from customers for such assistance.

  6. How does the ITS New Office Assistance service referral system work?
  7. When receiving an inquiry from the website, the system will analyze your needs based on the parameters you use to search for office spaces such as size, area, etc. to allocate a group of service providers that are suitable for the needs and your budget. Then the system will send the information (name, contact information and requirements) to the service provider company that Intelligent Space has selected for employees of the service provider to contact you directly. In which your information will be sent to up to 3 service providers in each service type.

  8. Companies or individuals we recommend are employees or affiliates of Intelligent Space or not? Is there any obligation to use the service?
  9. All service providers are not a part or related to Intelligent Space, legally or relating to any employee of Intelligent space. Intelligent Space is just an intermediary to connect people who want to receive services and service providers only. Therefore, consideration in the work agreement, it is the complete right of the person who wants to receive the service and the service provider to contact each other directly and use discretion in selection and hiring. You can talk to the service provider to understand the costs, scope of work and responsibilities, etc. to be sure before hiring or sign a service contract.

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